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EDC’s Center for Children and Technology created a website for teachers and students to help promote digital literacy. The interactive website, Digital Literacy: Skills for the 21st Century – Digital Literacy Toolkit, includes online tutorials and activities that emphasize the different uses of media and their powers of persuasion. The site focuses on the grammar [...]

ISTE is sponsoring a Technology in Practice Webinar, Teaching with Digital Images: Acquire, Analyze, Create, Communicate. Based on the ISTE book by the same name, authors Glen Bull and Tom Hammond will discuss how to acquire images, analyze them, and use them to create and communicate in classroom settings. They will also discuss the latest [...]

There are a number of ways to use Flickr in educational settings, as discussed previously. Here is a short tutorial to show some features. Go to the Flickr home page and try this out: in the search area, type the word “synagogue” and hit Go. This will call up photographs collected on Flickr that are [...]

Flickr is a free image management and organization tool. Most people use it to upload and share their photographs, but other images like digital art, clip art, and primary documents can be uploaded as well. These images can be grouped into online albums (“sets”) and slide shows, and shared publicly or with a select guest [...]

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