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We are pleased to welcome guest blogger, Sue Loubser, Director of Technology at Greenfield Hebrew Academy, Atlanta, Georgia, who shares the story behind the development of their students’ new app for droid. About a month ago, as students in the fourth grade Jewish Studies class were learning about blessings over food, a student raised his [...]

So how about it? What if we reconceptualized Jewish education and provided more opportunities for learners to connect by interest, not by age  or where they are in their so-called life stage. Ever notice how people in our community are often defined by their age and/or their family status – when do you get to [...]

We are pleased to welcome guest blogger,  David Behrman of Behrman House Publishing! Note: This article was originally posted on the OnLion blog.  Be sure to take a look at the comments that were shared there, and read the OnLion blog for other thoughtful posts from the Behrman House community! Terry Kaye was in Los [...]

A video produced by my friends, Peggy Sheehy and Marianne “Knowclue” Malmstrom. How does it resonate for you? How do our learning environments support this vision of learning?

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