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Follow us on twitter! We’re at: jlearn20. Do you tweet? Let’s pull together a twitter listing of educators in Jewish schools / Jewish educators. Got a blog? Share it with the rest of us! Add your twitter name and blog info in the spreadsheet below.  Thanks to Joe Corbett of isteconnects for sharing how to [...]

An Invitation

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This site is a work in progress. It is an experiment, an opportunity to use a particular technology to share ideas and resources for Jewish learning. Its emphasis is on integrating digital technologies into learning and teaching to enhance lifelong Jewish learning. This includes school settings as well as other educational venues, and learning for [...]

Welcome to jlearn2.0

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jlearn2.0 was developed to provide a space for educators and other key stakeholders to explore resources and issues related to the integration of digital technologies for lifelong Jewish learning. jlearn2.0 is a project of etheoreal, a consultancy specializing in professional development and educational technology, with a focus on integrating theory and practice. The site is [...]

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    jlearn2.0 is published by Caren Levine. She can be contacted at jlearn20@etheoreal.com. Suggestions and recommend- ations for jlearn2.0 are welcome.